Solaris Corporate SErvices is aiming towards achieving the highest standards in the Service Provider & Consultant industry in the long run. We have the expertise & experience to source and screen the requirements with varying experience belonging to various verticals. Since we cater to IT and non IT Industries, our strong conecction helps us to search and fullfil the industry requirement with the desired sets to the client companies on a continuous basis. We are also in Consulting and Staffing services as well and we do provide our services.

We bring value to your operations, business goals and most importantly the bottom-line!! The way forward for the clients would be in our safe hands as the planning to execution would be taken care of by us. The oft-repeated assurance of saving on time, deployment of human resources for the recruitment as per the client requirement becomes reality with us! As each client's requirements are uniquely different so are our services and quality solutions.

We understand the need of the client and reciprocate. We always believe that to be interactive and respond to the client on a continuous basis would be a win - win situation for both the parties. As we ultimately intend to meet the objective of resource requirements of the clients, we study the client requirements by having a series of meetings at all levels. We shall always keep the end in mind at the beginning of the discussions either with the prospective clients or the candidates.

Supervising all departments of the Hotels & carrying out inspections of all buildings, horticulture, security and services.