Training & Documentation Work

Maximizing Services and Minimizing Expenses:

Solaris Corporate Services offers a variety of hotel and resort Management services to boost financial returns from day-to-day operations. Our objective is to maximize services and minimize expenses, and we use a unique approach to monitor performance and provide in-depth reports and feedback in all areas of operations. One of the biggest challenges property managers face is streamlining operations. We are here to help with all areas of productivity management, food and beverage controls, and procurement. Our MIS systems are designed to monitor hotel-level performance and produce reports and metrics about room yields utilization, labor and cash management, expense variances, and other critical items on a daily or weekly basis.

Maximizing Services and Minimizing Expenses:

Productivity Management

Our team helps clients maximize resources using specialized productivity management tools. We use sales and service forecasts to allocate human resources effectively and can also target hours per occupied room, hours per cover, and dollars per server if needed.

Food and Beverage Controls

We are able to streamline food and beverage operations so that companies can better manage costs. We have developed a “food track” and “pour cost” program to maintain costs and minimize waste and pilfering. We also offer programs that help hotel staff design Menus that minimize costs but still appeal to guests, maximizing customer satisfaction.


We have nationally and regionally-negotiated contracts with various vendors to ensure Driftwood-managed hotels can obtain quality goods and services at the best price. This allows our property managers to exercise more cost control and better manage the budget.