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Maximizing Services and Minimizing Expenses:

No matter what type of property you manage, managing human resources effectively is essential to the growth of your organization. We help properties identify the best pool of candidates for various employment opportunities and can also assist with training programs, payroll, and benefits packages

Our services include:

Hiring Resources

Solaris Corporate Services is staffed with a bilingual and multi-cultural human resources team. We use sophisticated screening tools such as e-Verify to identify prospective associates and communicate with new hires, making it easier than ever to attract and interview quality talent for all types of positions.

Training Resources

Our training programs are designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and exceptional service. We provide training resources for new hires, continuing education programs for existing employees, and other training materials to ensure all employees can fulfill their job duties and meet company objectives. We get to know property-level employees on a personal level so that we can understand their needs from a management perspective.

Payroll & Benefit Programs

We have developed comprehensive payroll and benefits programs for franchised and independent properties which allow us to improve operations while minimizing costs. Learn more about Quality Control Services by contacting Solaris Corporate Services today.